How to Catch Your Stealing Maid

All of us have had to suffer a

sometime or the other in our lives. It is not a pleasant thing to happen to anyone. I find it distressing to think that some stranger has been through my personal belongings, rifling through them to look for money or jewellery or other things that might be worth stealing.


What Will Stealing Maids Steal?

Well, for a maid who steals, nothing is taboo. I have heard stories and personally experienced about anything and everything being stolen by maids. But the most common things that maids ferret away are:

Clothes: though we may not think so, our clothes can be extremely tempting to our maids. A friend once saw her maid in the market wear one of her dresses. Needless to say, she was shocked and outraged.

Toys: Your children’s toys are also easy to steal. They are often lying around and most of the times we do not even miss them unless it is a favorite toy of your child. Toy stealing happens mainly if the maid has children at home.

Food: This is one of the most common things that maids steal. It is easily available and hard to determine with any certainty whether food has actually been stolen or just consumed.

Jewellery and Ornaments: These are more difficult to steal as most of us are very careful about where we keep our jewellery and also keep track of it. But despite our vigilance, a determined stealing maid will find a way to steal jewellery if the opportunity presents itself.

Money: This is another extremely common things that maids tend to steal. All of us have money lying around at specified places in the house, we are often not very careful about the smaller sums of money and this is easy for the maids to steal.

Footwear: Most organized homes have a shoe rack where the shoes are kept. Most people have multiple pairs of shoes. Some of these we only wear occasionally and that makes it harder for us to detect missing shoes and footwear.

Toiletries and Cosmetics: Whether it is your perfume, lipstick, shampoo or even a measly soap, a stealing maid will help herself to these if she can.


How to Catch Your Maid

One of the best things that technology has given us is to monitor our homes remotely. Having CCTV cameras installed is an option. With the advancing technology, these have become highly affordable and even ordinary people can install them in their homes. They come in bundle packs with a number of cameras and receiver. You can pick a set that is most suitable to your requirements and install them in areas where the stealing is likely to happen the most. You can record and even view live what is happening in your home. So, in essence, even if the stealing doesn’t happen in front of your eyes, you can still catch the thief and have proof of the theft.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of House Cleaning Services

Utilizing somebody and permitting him or her to go to your home for cleaning intention is a major and extreme choice. But, this is generally an expert’s underlying stride since he stays occupied for more often than not. For, letting another person concentrate on the cleaning services Dubai permits you to appreciate some free hours consistently.

Most likely, there are the same number of reasons not to enlist an expert cleaning service as there are to do as such. Variables like cost, outcasts going to your place, and well being are a portion of the significant reasons why individuals don’t contract a cleaning services Dubai. But, unquestionably, there are points of interest too, which may incorporate discovering save time to go through with family while having a perfect and sound environment to live.


Obviously, the premier point of interest of employing an expert house cleaning service is that you don’t need to do the cleaning services Dubai yourself. By and large, individuals pick this service due to absence of time to do a careful house cleaning, which is typically performed following maybe a couple months as opposed to once a day. The purpose for the same is that it is truly easy to utilize somebody to clean your home, which spares you time.

An effectively clean house is very simple to keep up. Likewise, an expert would give careful consideration to get the maid services Dubai in your home and would scarcely ever get reckless at the same time. Proficient cleaners stay up with the latest with all the propelled cleaning methods and items. Reliable home cleaning guarantees that the home stays very much kept up and sorted out for quite a long time.

Disadvantages of house cleaning services

Employing an expert house cleaning organization frequently costs a gigantic measure of cash and is considered as an extra cost each month. Your maid services Dubai moves around your housemaid I.e. you need to rely on upon her for anything identified with cleaning. But, you may wind up feeling like you no more know anything identified with your home. You may understand that your protection is being blocked when cleaning house keepers are around, and conceivably, you may need to purposely keep a beware of your demonstrations and words when your servant is around.

You may even face some well being concerns when any untouchable enters your place. However, cleaning organizations guarantee their house keepers for unwavering quality, instances of burglary still happen at several places. There are two features of just about everything in this world. What’s more, the most vital thing is that you can’t just regard the downbeat side of a specific thing. You have to consider the cheery maid services Dubai as well, and that is the thing that will give you a chance to push ahead at each phase of life. Along these lines, here for this situation additionally, think about both the focal points and disadvantages and after that settle in case you need to procure an expert house cleaner for your home or not.

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